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  • Sat, Mar 4 2023, 9:18:37 pm GMT

    Where is the Oz Report?

    Almost all the Oz Report content has moved to the Oz Report Group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/317958425841572. A couple of reasons for this. One is that much of the content that I used to curate (wisely collect and publish) now comes from Facebook instead of via email or private message. Second, it is expensive to host and maintain a web site. I know that you have been willing to pay for it, but it just doesn't make that much sense when it can be done without that expense. This means that Gerry (Scare) doesn't get the yearly flood of income in March, but I assume that his technical skills are valuable else where.

    Gerry has appreciated the support from the Oz Report readers and will make sure that the Oz Report web site is still operating even if I don't update it.

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  • Wed, Feb 1 2023, 3:04:35 pm GMT

    2023 Women's World Hang Gliding Championship

    CIVL|Sander van Schaik|Women's World HG Championship 2023

    «Sander van Schaik» writes:

    After sending out an official letter from the Dutch NAC, the KNVvL to the CIVL asking to reinstate the possibility to get a new Women World Champion, this was the reply after their meeting:

    “Because we cannot find organisers for a dedicated Women's Hang Gliding World Championship, the next Worlds that takes part this summer in North Macedonia will have, for each nation, 2 spots reserved for women. The eligibility criteria will be the same as for the men, and also the task to fly. If we have at least 8 women from 4 nations, they will be ranked separately so we have a Women's World Champion. If not, they will just be ranked in the overall category.”

    “Men or women, team leaders will be free to choose anyone to be part of the team (6 pilots maximum).”

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  • Sun, Jan 29 2023, 12:07:47 am GMT

    Mountain High Red Rocks Hang Gliding Academy

    Davis Straub|Larry Bunner|Owen Morse|Red Rocks Foot Launch HG Competition 2023|Rich Reinauer|Richard "Ric" Caylor|Robin Hamilton|Timothy "Tim" Delaney|WolfPack Hang Gliding|Zac Majors

    Ric Caylor writes:

    PLEASE NOTE: The First Virtual Ground School Class (VGSC) Has been postponed to February 5th, 2023.

    Mountain High Red Rocks Hang Gliding Academy

    Before the competition is a three-day "Red Rocks Mountain Academy," held June 14th - 16th, this clinic is designed to help pilots enhance their high-altitude flying skills and enjoyment through safety, awareness, critical situation analysis, and best practices of proper communication and survival gear. Our team of female and male mentors includes world record holders and national champions. They will lead ground school classes, a launch and landing clinic, navigation strategies, and aviation-assisted training. We will also offer several zoom ground school training sessions over the winter as part of the Academy. How often do you get advanced training opportunities like this from experts? If you’re looking to enhance your high altitude or xc skills, this is not to be missed!

    Virtual Ground School Informational Classes

    These zoom ground school training sessions are a part of the Academy and may be purchased as a package separate from the in-person practical flying. The High Mountain Hang Gliding Red Rocks Academy is designed to help pilots enhance their high-altitude flying skills and enjoyment through safety awareness, critical situation analysis, best communication practices, survival gear, and more.

    Zoom Classroom instruction format. 60 min. max with Q&A. A 30 min extension at the mentor’s discretion is expected. Zac Majors will host classes. Scheduled for consecutive Sunday evenings starting at 6:00 pm PST starting on February 5th, 2023. The Following are slated but not guaranteed.

    High Mountain Competition Flying. By Robin Hamilton

    Strategies, Experience History Profile, and Applied Safety Mitigation. By Robin Hamilton

    Oxygen 101. by Tim Delaney

    Garmin InReach 101. By Rich Reinauer

    Weather and High Mountain Flying Conditions. By Davis Straub

    Reporting Accidents, Mishaps, and Close Calls. By Zac Majors

    High Mountain Flying Secrets. By Owen Morse

    Flying With Intent to Improve Performance. By Larry Bunner

    Sign up by purchasing online at https://wolfpackhanggliding.com/shop/

    You will be emailed a Zoom Invitation a day before the class.

    Please note that the Zoom Ground School Classes are included if you are enrolled in the RRHG Academy or a registered Competition pilot.

    Please email Ric at «Ric» with questions.

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  • Wed, Jan 25 2023, 12:48:31 am GMT

    2023 Corryong Cup

    Corryong Cup 2023|Olav Opsanger|Rohan Holtkamp|Scott Barrett|Stuart Cathcart

    «Scott Barrett» writes:

    The Corryong Cup had great conditions, with fast racing in the NSW/Victorian Alps in Australia. Results are here: https://xc.highcloud.net/comp_overall.html?comPk=363

    1. Scott Barrett, Aeros GT13.5
    2. Olav Opsanger, Moyes RX3,5 Pro
    3. Rohan Holtkamp, Aeros GT13.5

    and the big prize was the B grade won by Stuart Cathcart, Moyes RX Pro.

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  • Wed, Jan 25 2023, 12:47:26 am GMT

    Red Rocks Foot Launch Hang Gliding Competition

    Red Rocks Foot Launch HG Competition 2023|Richard "Ric" Caylor|Robin Hamilton|WolfPack Hang Gliding|Zac Majors

    «Richard Caylor» sends:

    The First Red Rocks Foot Launch Hang Gliding Competition registration is now open. Our team is excited to open this competition for skilled high-altitude foot-launch pilots. This race is a CIVL-sanctioned Category 2 event. The competition is limited to 60 pilots and is open to class 1, class 1 sport, and class 5 gliders. Up to 25% or 15 slots will be reserved for non-US pilots. The event is being held in Monroe, Utah, with several epic high mountain sites that will provide ample opportunity for personal best flights that will blow your mind. Conditions during this time of the year can be excellent; expect cloud bases to be over 16,000’ and 100+ mile open distance tasks. However, the hazards of high-altitude flying in the Rocky Mountains are not for the inexperienced. Please check the CIVL website (link below) to review the contest information and requirements.

    Included with registration are virtual zoom ground school classes lectured by some of the best pilots with many years of experience. They are not instructors, but their practical knowledge will aid pilots by offering strategies for success while assisting them in understanding and mitigating the risks. The first of six individual presentations is scheduled for this Sunday evening, January 29th. Hosted by Zac Majors and presented by Robin Hamilton, titled: Competition Flying, Risk Assessments, and Hazard Mitigation, with a limited Q&A session.

    In addition, a three-day on-site mentoring program, the High Mountain Academy, will be available, sponsored by WolfPack Hang Gliding, LLC, and scheduled for June 14th-17th. Zac Majors will be the principal mentor, offering his experience regarding launching & landing, reserve tossing, task-to-goal radio-assisted flying, and more. These practical flying courses are separate costs from the registration fee.

    Registration fees and how to pay are on the website. Early bird discounted savings are available for a limited time. Feel free to email the organizer with questions.

    Red Rocks Hang Gliding Competition

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