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A near-daily, world wide hang gliding news ezine, with reports on competitions, pilot rankings, political issues, fly-ins, the latest technology, ultralight sailplanes, reader feedback and anything else from within the global HG community worthy of coverage.  16341 bytes.
  1. http://www.vololiberomontecucco.it/vlmc/index.php/10-gare/116-italian-open-2017-blog

    No word after the announcement of the pilot briefing at 11 AM at launch. It's now 10:33 PM in Italy.

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  2. http://eventos.cbvl.esp.br/pt/21-fai-mundial-de-asa-delta-brasilia-2017

    A Notam will be issued for this event, assuring a safe airspace to all pilots involved.

    Due to the heavy air traffic around the international airport of Brasília, a flying area with altitude limitations will be established and there will be an entrance corridor to the city, to be used on tasks with goal at the Esplanade. All pilots on the competition must strictly abide to it.

    The entrance corridor to Brasilia is already twice as large as the one used on the 2016 test event.

    For the competition days, the Organization got the authorization of a safe area for the tasks, under an issued NOTAM, with significantly improved vertical limits, compared to the ones authorized last year.

    2017 vertical limits are: Asa3 (green) FL120 3.658m, Asa2 (pink) FL110 3.353m, Asa1 (blue) FL105 3.200m.

    Pilots are reminded that this is a FAI Category 1, World Competition, where anti-doping rules will be strictly observed and enforced, either for “fair play” principles, as well as for competitor’s safety.

    It’s worth mentioning that alcohol is on the list of forbidden substances, and it’s tolerated limit is 0.10g/l, which could be present on a blood sample after drinking approximately 300 ml of beer, so pilots be careful on parties and celebrations.

    The local regulations will set the takeoff limit for 40 km/h of constant wind and 52 km/h of gusts, measured on the ramp at man’s height.

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  3. https://www.mondialdepul2017.com/en/blog/practice-task-successfully-completed.html

    All pilots are safely landed, with 7 in goal. Franz Pacheiner (SUI) arrived at the goal cylinder first on his Archeopteryx, followed closely by Manfred Ruhmer (AUT) and Jacques Bott (FRA).

    The live tracking showed that Franz took a slightly different route to the two leading Swift pilots, which clearly paid off. Franz explained: “It was hard to start due to the conditions, but then it got very good. I saw the good clouds, I was high and so I took the direct route.”

    Local pilot, Jacques said: “It was a good task, and the weather conditions were as forecast. I arrived at the second turnpoint a little early, and it was still in shade. Half an hour later it was in sunshine and was working really well.”

    The results will be out shortly, but of course, this is a Practice Task, so they don’t get counted!

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  4. http://www.cloudbasemayhem.com/episode-45-chrigel-maurer-and-becoming-an-eagle/

    Chrigel launches during the 2017 Red Bull X-Alps:

    Episode 45 - Chrigel Maurer and becoming an Eagle July 26, 2017 by Gavin McClurg

    Chrigel Maurer is the undisputed king of paragliding and after his 5th straight X-Alps win I get the feeling that he’s just getting started. Chrigel was the World Cup champion 3 times, is an acro champion, test pilot for Advance, two times winner of the X-Pyr, regularly dominates the Swiss League and just simply wins - over, and over and over again.

    Everyone has heard of Chrigel’s famous training (ground handling in VERY strong wind, flying in the lee of cornices…) but most don’t know the extent of how hard and specifically he trains.

    How much is talent versus persistence? How does Chrigel justify the risk? How does he approach safety? How is getting older affecting his decisions? How important is physical fitness to good flying? Is the X-Alps even risky for Chrigel?

    His sons, aged 6 and 9 are beginning to fly - does this make him nervous? Where does he get his motivation from?

    In this episode we dive into what makes Chrigel an Eagle. How does he fly so straight? What mistakes do other pilots make? What separates him from the rest of the pilots in the race? How does he make his decisions? How does planning and calculated decision making happen in the air and how much is intuition? Does he have weaknesses and if so how does he resolve them? How Chrigel reduces risk and how other pilots can be much safer. The power of optimism and the need for gambling (safely).

    For me this was an opportunity of a lifetime, to sit down with someone who consistently shows us what is possible with a glider and makes us dream of the possibilities.

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  5. https://www.dhv.de/web/piloteninfos/wettbewerb-sport/drachen-szene/live-berichte/german-open-2017/


    The flex wing task didn't take place due to overcast and weak conditions. The rigids started first and given the weak conditions and low cloudbase two pilots made it to goal. At least that's what I get from the "machine" translations.

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