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OZ Report

The Oz Report Is...
A near-daily, world wide hang gliding news ezine, with reports on competitions, pilot rankings, political issues, fly-ins, the latest technology, ultralight sailplanes, reader feedback and anything else from within the global HG community worthy of coverage.  18161 bytes.
  1. https://www.xcontest.org/2018/usa/ranking-hg-open/

    You can join the contest for 2019 here: https://www.xcontest.org/usa/

    Only one pilot signed up for Sport Class: https://www.xcontest.org/usa/ranking-hg-sport/

    Other countries have similar XContests https://www.xcontest.org/national/

    Thanks to Bill Belcourt

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  2. https://www.facebook.com/events/345738832650468/

    Dec 27 – Dec 29

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  3. http://www.chgc.asn.au/News/Hang-Gliding

    Sunday, 18th of November to Saturday, 24th of November, 2018

    Blown out on the first day.

    http://www.williamolive.com/central west classic/index.html

    http://williamolive.com/central west classic/comp results 2018.html

    Task 1 (only distance and time, not leading or arrival pints):

    # Name Glider Time Total
    1 Jonny Durand jnr Moyes Gecko 170 02:05:51 1000
    2 Vic Hare WW T2C 136 02:10:09 921
    3 Guy Hubbard Moyes LS RX 3.5 pro 02:11:01 911
    4 Oliver Chitty Moyes RX5 Pro 02:17:43 845
    5 Jonas Lobitz 02:28:37 761
    6 Trent Brown Moyes LS RX 3.5 02:31:42 740
    7 Bruce Wynne Moyes LS RX 4 02:48:32 636
    8 Rory Duncan Moyes RX 3 pro 02:55:49 596
    9 Andrew Barnes Moyes LS RX 3.5 02:59:33 576

    Jonny Durand Junior landing at goal at the Central West Classic, Gulgong, Australia on 2018-11-18

    Jonny landing at goal.

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  4. 2019 Quest Air Nationals (week 1) (pre-Worlds)

    89 registered, 14 confirmed

    2019 Quest Air Nationals (week 2)

    60 registered, 9 confirmed

    2019 Big Spring Nationals (pre-Pan-Americans)

    34 registered, 3 confirmed

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  5. http://theconversation.com/how-vultures-use-each-other-as-guides-through-the-turbulent-skies-106870

    There is a well known theory, by aeronautical engineer Paul MacCready, which states that birds and gliders should glide at high airspeed when they have just left a strong thermal and expect to be approaching another strong thermal. But gliding quickly is risky, as the flyer is more likely to hit the ground before reaching the next thermal. So our hypothesis was that these vultures, and other soaring birds, are able to take this risk and glide quickly when they have clues provided by the soaring of others, on the whereabouts of the next thermal.

    When we mapped the movements of all the vultures and analysed their gliding airspeeds, we found that – on making a decision to leave one thermal and glide to the next – vultures which had tapped into this extra information by “eavesdropping” on the movements of others (they weren’t flocked together but were watching how the other vultures were acting) chose to take the risk and adopt significantly higher airspeeds than those going it alone.

    Thanks to John Simon.

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