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A near-daily, world wide hang gliding news ezine, with reports on competitions, pilot rankings, political issues, fly-ins, the latest technology, ultralight sailplanes, reader feedback and anything else from within the global HG community worthy of coverage.  18613 bytes.
  1. Christian, Larry Bunner and I started very close to each other. We did not stay close together for long.

    Christian finds his first thermal two minutes and fourteen seconds after the start window opens. I come in 334 feet lower under him in the same thermal. He leaves two minutes later having climbed at 640 fpm on average to 3,764'.

    In contrast I climb at 363 fpm for two minutes and twenty seconds to 3,027'. I'm one minute behind him.

    He goes right down the course line. I spend three minutes trying to find the thermal again and lose 300 feet.

    He glides for eleven kilometers to one kilometer south of highway 474 and down to 620' AGL. He has to work 110 fpm for the next nine minutes in order to save himself, climbing to only 1,727'. Obviously, this is a high risk maneuver.

    I glide only 3.5 kilometers but find a little over 200 fpm five kilometers north of 474 and climb to 2,758' from 1,600' AGL. I continue south and find 530 fpm and climb to 4,224' half a kilometer north of 474. As I leave the thermal at cloud base and head south Christian is four kilometers south of me at 1,200' AGL working his next thermal at 300 fpm.

    At 2 PM, thirty minutes after we started, I'm 4.5 kilometers south of 474 at 3,000' on glide. Christian is less than two kilometers south of me also at 3,000' climbing at 460 fpm. I find that same thermal and climb at 500 fpm to 4,700'. He leaves that thermal at 3,500' three minutes before I do.

    At seventeen minutes after 2 PM Christian leaves a thermal 4.5 kilometers south of Deen Still road at 5,100'. At eighteen minutes after 2 PM 3.5 kilometers south of Deen Still road I leave a thermal at 5,100'. I'm getting closer.

    We are just north of Interstate 4. The cu's are beginning to get thinned out and further apart south of the interstate. There are dozens of lakes ahead and residential developments. Christian has 36 kilometers to go to get close to Lake Wales airfield. I have a little over 38 kilometers to go.

    Christian will fly those 36 kilometers in 37 minutes, averaging 36 mph. He will thermal for 5 minutes (14% of the time) gaining 1800' at 353 fpm (and 2700' while not circling). He takes five glides averaging 7.6 kilometers at 22:1 (lots of rising air but not circling). When he arrives just 150 meters north of highway 60, just northeast of Lake Wales airfield he will be down to 1,200'.

    I will fly those 38.4 kilometers in an hour and four minutes averaging 22 mph. I will thermal for 30 minutes (47 percent of the time) gaining 7382' at 224 fpm.( and 1100' while not circling). I will take 10 glides averaging 3.9 kilometers at 14:1. When I arrive at about the same spot as Christian, I will be at 3,100'. I will also be 26 minutes behind him.

    From our first thermals just on the south side of the Lake Wales airfield down to Avon Park and back, Christian will fly 51.7 km in an hour and nine minutes averaging 28 mph. He will thermal eight times for 23 minutes (34% of the time) gaining 10,141' at 420 fpm. His eight glides will average 6.9 kilometers at 16:1.

    I will fly 53.3 km in an hour and twenty minutes at 25 mph. I will thermal eleven times (37 percent) at 298 fpm gaining 9,465'. My eleven glides will average 4.9 km at 17:1.

    I will come into goal 35 minutes after Christian, who is first to goal.

    The track logs are available to anyone at: https://airtribune.com/2018-quest-air-national-series/results. The task four track logs are found here:  https://airtribune-production.s3.amazonaws.com/media/task/archive/2018/04/igc1948_2018-04-20.zip

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  2. Jeff Shapiro writes:

    For the last six months, between trips, I've been focused on training and preparing for this year's Xpyr Race in June. With the help of The Mountain Project, LLC, Mike Wolfe, as my training coach and Brittany Aäe helping me with nutrition and recovery strategy, I'm feeling more and more prepared every day. Two months to go.

    I get six days a week to run (with and without my pack on) and to fly cross country every day that it's possible. I honestly couldn't be more psyched for this adventure across the Pyrenees. Huntley Badger and Dustin Martin will be there with me and as a team, our only goals will be to try hard, have fun and stay safe. From the Atlantic coast to the Mediterranean. This is gonna be a wild race. Follow the live tracking if you're interested here: http://www.x-pyr.com/en/

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  3. On the fourth task of the 2018 Quest Air Nationals:

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  4. Tiki writes:

    Cross Country Flying Season is in full swing in Texas and the Cowboy Up Flying Club is once again registered with Airtribune as a League,  https://airtribune.com/cuhanggliding/info/details__info.

    Since we fly year round, Cross Country can happen anytime.

    If you have registered on the Cowboy Up Flying Club on Airtribune in the past you should still be on the list. If you plan to come to Cowboy Up to do some Cross Country flying you might want to register before you get here. We have done extensive research on trackers and have info on the best bang for the buck - call or email us if you are interested or just want more information about Cowboy Up Flying Club.

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  5. Here is another way to visualize your flight.

    1) Reformat your IGC tracklog using GPSDump to the KML format (Ctrl+O and then Ctrl+S)

    2) Register here: http://flightlog.org/fl.html?l=1

    3) After you receive a password via email login here: http://flightlog.org/fl.html?l=1&a=37

    4) Click New flight and then on the next page click "Click Here"

    5) There are four fields with red astricks indicating that they need to be filled out. I only did the first three, seemed to work.

    6) In the Tracklog field click Browse and  select your track log in kml format.

    7) When the flight description page comes up click PARALOGG.SE - paragliding tracklog analysis.

    8) Under the map click "Analysis."

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