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  2. Oliver Moffatt writes:

    Excellent and experienced aerotow pilots I have spoken to, including multiple British champions and the UK Moyes importer, tell me that 1/3 to 1/2 VG is essential for a normal-weight pilot on an RX, with more VG possibly required for a pilot lighter in the weight range. I am light on this glider and I typically use just over 1/2 VG, which works very well.

    Steve Pearson writes:

    1/2 VG is recommended for aerotowing all Wills Wing gliders configured with VG systems. Towing at less that 50% VG is more difficult because the pitch pressure can be excessively high and that in turn contributes to PIO.

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  3. Chris Valley, VP/Monitor - YHGA writes:

    There is discussion among Park officials that the Glacier Point road repair project may be delayed/pushed off to 2022 - fingers crossed. We'll have updates on the YHGA website when more information is available: https://www.yosemitehg.org/

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  4. Jessie Oliver <<oliver_jessiem>> writes:

    Hello TTT Members/Community,

    I'm writing to let our TTT community know what's going on with our family and our community. We have been very stressed and upset by the lies and manipulations caused by David Hanning and Fly Camp.

    My husband and I continue to struggle with the idea of staying in the area at our forever home, or whether it’s time to leave this beautiful place because of how saddened we've become.

    My husband has been coming here for twelve years and fell in love with the area and with TTT. He chose to fly Henson over Lookout because of the great valley and the way the community made him feel like family. Also, the TTT parties, events and the weekend meetups with friends made this place more desirable than anywhere else he flew. The camaraderie was wonderful and heartwarming.

    I came here about ten years ago to visit my husband during a team challenge. When my weekend visit was up, I didn't want to leave. The valley was so enticing with beauty and outdoor fun, and I was having such a good time with the pilots here. I remember Curly was one of the first locals I met and how friendly he was. He shared all kinds of stories with us, told us about the great places to hike and gave Matt advice on hang gliding in the valley. He was so nice and always took the time to answer questions. I enjoyed his good mood and smile. We both loved this place and continued to come down from Ohio to visit.

    Fast forward about four years ago when we decided to search for land to build our dream home. We looked in Colorado, where I grew up, and here in Dunlap because of my husband's love for hang gliding and paragliding. It was his dream to live somewhere he could just walk to a launch site and fly anytime. No driving involved. We also wanted to be a part of the TTT community to help maintain/take care of this beautiful property for future years to come.

    A year and half later we bought our property a few blocks away from launch. Two and half years later we moved in with our new four week old baby girl.

    Since we moved in, our experience has not worked out the way we had hoped. Honestly, for the last year and a half our experiences at launch have gotten more uncomfortable than we ever would have imagined. We forced ourselves to believe that life around Henson's would get better with time. Time heals, right? Unfortunately, not in this case.

    Life at Henson's has changed once David Hanning wanted to establish his business here. Rick Jacobs also changed and became more distant and unfriendly towards the club. Since then, our local community has been split. Friends and David's former employees have left, couples have left, couples have divorced, families have decided to not to move here and our TTT community is getting smaller.

    We started off neutral to both sides. Wanting to stay friends with everyone. My husband and other TTT hang glider pilots learned how to paraglide from David, and we were referring people to Fly Camp to take lessons on this up and coming sport.

    Since we remained friends with TTT members, David and Elena constantly questioned us if we were spies for “the other side.” My father was even asked at camp if he was a spy. After a while it wears on you. We were told by David that the other side wasn't really our friends. That if you crossed them they would turn on you. These people who would supposedly turn on us were the ones that invited us to dinner when we were camping, offered us a place to stay when the nights were raining or cold, they came over to help us build our house, raise our walls, and put in our foundation framing. They were just a phone call away anytime we needed them. How could this community be the bad egg. We were supposedly "Drinking their Kool-Aid''.

    They never lied to us or told us to stay away from Fly Camp. So if "Drinking their Kool-Aid'' meant that we were kind, generous and helpful people then by all means I'll have another drink.

    David Hanning said we were friends and we were there for a while. Until our friendship was tested. Everything he said we realized was a lie, just words, no true meaning behind them. One day my husband voiced his opinion to a supposed friend about what he thought David was doing wrong with the TTT and David found out and sent Rick over to our property to confront us. It didn't end well.

    From then on we were “bad people”, shamed and cast out. After that my husband and I have never felt comfortable going up to launch. It's been about a year and a half since my husband has flown at all. At the time it was hard for some pilots to focus on flying safely when there are people videotaping you, calling out names at you or making obnoxious noise in hopes that you mess up and they can catch it on video to use against TTT. In that situation how can anyone feel comfortable enough to show up to launch or fly safely.

    I know a lot of you think David Hanning is a nice guy, and he is when you're a customer and you’re not challenging him on his way of doing things. There are also a handful of people who don't stand up to David because they fear they might lose their flying privileges at his flying sites. They might also end up being belittled and called names by David. There is no excuse to continue to support a man who lies, makes people feel small and who takes advantage of a situation for personal gain. It hurts me, and makes me feel sick to my stomach thinking of everything he has put people through.

    David is a smooth talker, very persuasive and conversational. He says the things people want to hear. I again feel a lot of people who support him don't know that he can be manipulative, vindictive and has a very abusive side to him. They have never seen it because they've never had a confrontation with him. If you're one of his previous or current customers remember that he will always be sweet and kind to you because he wants referrals, good reviews, repeat business, anything that will benefit him. Why would he ever want to look bad in front of you?

    David also talks a lot about people being mentally ill because of their actions. I have a real big problem with people making fun of mental illness. It is nothing to make jokes about. Also, calling my husband a bad father just to get a reaction out of him is horrible and wrong. He is a wonderful father who takes great care of our daughter.

    David is not a good influence on our community. He may be good to the paragliding community but locally he doesn't support or help out the Henson community. He is only here to make money on property that was given to him. He also pushes potential clients to join TTT, not because he supports the club but because he wants to run all the locals out so he can have control of the club. Much of this has been insinuated on Facebook. If his clients join the club they can use TTT parking, bathrooms, clubhouse, camping and top and bottom landing fields while they are learning from him. Nothing to do with supporting a local club and being a part of the TTT community.

    There are so many of us that David has hurt, and too many people who have turned a blind eye. This is now the time to stand up against a bully and put a stop to his intimidation and manipulation. It’s in all our best interest that we should stand together and help the Henson community become a happy place for locals and visitors.

    If that means the community builds a fence to separate his business from the club, we should do it. Or any other proactive actions that will bring a more peaceful environment. We need to stand together for the betterment of Henson and TTT.

    TTT has stood the test of time and I would hate to see it slowly disappear. Thank you for taking the time to read this, I appreciate you. This was our dream location and it has been anything but that. We spent 2 1/2 years building this home by hand. My father, who is a carpenter by trade, designed it. We want to feel at home here. Please help take a stand against David and Fly Camp, and bring our community/friends/flying family back together. We need each other during this stressful time.

    Thank you and Namaste,
    Jessie Dittman

    The fence has been built.

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