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OZ Report

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A near-daily, world wide hang gliding news ezine, with reports on competitions, pilot rankings, political issues, fly-ins, the latest technology, ultralight sailplanes, reader feedback and anything else from within the global HG community worthy of coverage.  14759 bytes.
  1. https://www.gofundme.com/holy-fire-victim-robert-ewing

    My friend Bob, aka Wild Eagle, 72 years old, lost his home in Lake Elsinore (El Cariso) and all his belongings on August 9, 2018 in the Holy Fire. The fire swept through the Cleveland National Forest quickly on that day, and he was unable to grab anything except for his vehicle, 11 kittens and his dog.

    El Cariso has been his home for many years, and everything he had is now gone. He needs help to rebuild from the bottom up, and without having insurance, this is going to be a challenge. I want to help my good friend during this difficult time.

    My ultimate goal is to help raise enough money for him to be able to get something, whether it be a trailer or mobile home, to live in on his property. Other money raised will be used for furnishings.

    Bob has been a hang glider pilot for over 3 decades, and although he hasn't been flying much recently, he continues to be an integral part in the hang gliding community in Lake Elsinore. He continues to spend hours preserving and maintaining the launch, as well as donating time to ensure that hang gliding continues to exist in Lake Elsinore for years to come.

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  2. XC Tracer <<info>> writes:

    New firmware is available for XC Tracer II (R06) and XC Tracer Mini II GPS (R02). You can download the new firmware from https://www.xctracer.com/en/downloads/?oid=1855&lang=en. It is recommended for all users to update to the new releases. There was a buffer overflow in rare cases, creating stability issues with the logger. This is fixed with the new version.

    A new firmware release for XC Tracer will follow in 1-2 weeks.

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  3. Gary Osoba <<osobagary>> writes:

    Once I was flying the prototype Carbon Dragon for Straight Distance World Records out of Hobbs, New Mexico. On one flight I was north of Tucumcari, New Mexico when an approaching front was accelerating toward me from the west. Due to the typically good visibility over the New Mexican desert, I could see this approach for several hours and was trying to get as far north as I could quickly.

    When it accelerated, I was climbing at about 12,000’ and a series of cumulus clouds started forming quickly underneath me at about 9,000’, preceding the frontal line. These began to fill in and eventually did so completely.

    As I prepared to top out and dive through the segment of the front toward the north, my wife and kids were chasing on the ground and about 15 miles behind. As the front approached her, my wife reported seeing a “wall of tornadoes” about 3 miles long” advancing rapidly across the desertscape. I couldn’t see this from my position, but it terrified her.

    These were landspouts, such as the one seen near Big Spring. Later she said that there were at least 10 of these, spaced pretty evenly and extending into the frontal clouds.

    After diving into the stable side of the front, I flew against a strong headwind as far to the north as I could before landing near Nara Visa, New Mexico. We quickly loaded the glider onto the open trailer and found helpful hangar owner further north at the Dalhart, Texas airport. He allowed us to store the glider there overnight. Within minutes of getting the glider inside, a huge thunderstorm hit and caused localized flash flooding.

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  4. https://www.facebook.com/Whitwell.SVS.justfly/?hc_location=ufi


    I am unaware of how these entities mesh with the Tennessee Tree Toppers: https://tttmember.org/

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  5. https://airtribune.com/hang-gliding-russian-cup-2018/blog__day_7

    # Name Glider Time Distance Total
    1 Konstantin Lukyanov Moyes Litespeed rx 01:55:01 63.39 176
    2 Sasha Serebrennikova Moyes Litespeed RX3 Pro 19.27 78
    3 Roman Otdelkin Aeros Combat L 13.12 65

    Google Translate:

    To date, a short task was delivered 63.4 km, Roman Finlkin and Nikolai Rysukhin sat down to Repair because of the cloud, Sasha Serebrennikov for Repair, and Constantine Lukyanov CONGRATULATIONS with the finish! After 16 hours, the start was closed due to rain. It's sunny now. In the evening, all who wanted to flew in evening milk.

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