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OZ Report

The Oz Report Is...
A near-daily, world wide hang gliding news ezine, with reports on competitions, pilot rankings, political issues, fly-ins, the latest technology, ultralight sailplanes, reader feedback and anything else from within the global HG community worthy of coverage.  31597 bytes.
  1. https://www.xcontest.org/world/en/flights/detail:davisstraub/18.2.2018/18:07

    Light winds are forecast, but an inversion also, that will supposedly suppress the development of cumulus clouds. The RAP forecast calls for TOL at 1000' to 2000' at 1 PM but the NAM says 3000' to 4000' with much better lift. Looking at the sky I'm think that the RAP forecast is more likely. Both forecasts get together on their predictions by 2PM.  5000' to 6000' TOL at 2 PM south toward Fantasy of Flight.

    Larry is off first at 1 PM and I'm right behind him. I find 100 fpm over the field and stay in it as I watch him struggle down low over a small fire just south of the field. After 15 minutes he starts to climb and I fly over to join him as we climb at 100 fpm to 3,300' at 1:25 PM.

    Larry and I continue to fly together climbing in light lift. We are cautious given the weak lift and blue skies. Larry heads for a cu to the south west as I head for clouds to the south. Larry gets lower and lower as I hang in light lift and watch. It looks like he's going to land but he finally finds the lift. I head for him and come in under him.

    We head southwest over the Green Swamp west of the Seminole glider port and the lift starts improving as we've been in the air for an hour. Both forecasts show good lift at 2 PM. The cu's are beginning to be more than tiny wisps. I find 300+ fpm then 400+ fpm to 5000'. Larry is just to my west. I haven't seen John Simon. Rob Clarkson is low over by highway 33 south of the glider port.

    There are plenty of cu's now south along the course line toward the Fantasy of Flight. The flying is easy now with plenty of cu's combined with good lift. Larry and Greg are off to my south west and I take a south line to try to get ahead of them. Still no sign of John Simon.

    I head south and come to the end of the cu's just past Deen Still Road. It is still a big jump down to Fantasy of Flight as I climb up at almost 300 fpm. I look around and finally spot Greg and Larry far below. Looks like I took a much better line. My radio is dead so I'm not sure what the plan is, but it is pretty clear that the original task (133 km) is out.

    I watch Larry and Greg and finally see that Greg (also with a dead radio) turns and heads back toward Quest not wanting to venture out into the blue. Larry hears from John that there is lift further south toward Fantasy and despite groveling goes for it and climbs to 6100' (John gets to 6400'). They both make the turnpoint as Greg and I quickly get back to Quest.

    John is able to get back to Quest a bit later but Larry doesn't make it back to the cu's to the north after getting to 4,000' at the turnpoint. Rob lands out also.

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  2. http://www.williamolive.com/manilla/index.html

    # Name Glider Time Total
    1 Scott Barrett   01:51:45 1000
    2 Oliver Chitty Moyes RX5 Pro 01:57:30 914
    3 Rory Duncan Moyes RX 3 Pro 01:58:01 898
    4 Josh Woods Moyes LS RX 3.5 01:59:40 880
    5 Jon Durand Jnr Moyes LS RX 3.5 Pro 02:10:39 807
    6 Steve Docherty Moyes RX 4 pro 02:10:41 789
    7 Guy Hubbard Moyes LS RX 3.5 02:12:24 780
    8 Bruce Wynne Moyes Gecko 170 M 02:13:18 760
    9 Niki Longshore Moyes LS RX PRO 3.5 02:15:15 749
    10 Dustan Hansen airborne ev 14.5 02:21:19 723
    11 Rob de Groot Moyes LS RX 3.5 02:31:12 705
    12 Chris Czajkowski   02:35:31 640
    13 Paul Bissett-Amess Moyes LS RX 3.5 02:49:23 592
    13 Shane Duncan Airborne REV 13.5 02:48:12 592
    15 Richard Heffer Moyes LS RX PRO 3.5 02:50:12 576
    16 Rick Martin Moyes Gecko 155 03:15:26 478

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  4. The task was an out and return straight south to Fantasy of Flight and back. The forecast and reality showed a strong west wind. There were plenty of east/west cloud streets. Rob Clarkson abandoned the task about eight miles to the south of Quest Air and made it back to Quest. Larry Landed just south of the Seminole Sailplane port. Greg and I decided not to fly.

    Ken Kinzie <<ken>> writes:


    After going down on the last leg around the Green Swamp task yesterday I prepared for today's Quest Air Cross Country League crosswind task, Fantasy out and return.

    The wind was west 10-12 mph so we headed over to the east end of the field. Great service here at Quest with Davis transporting harnesses, Evgeniya and Don shuttling gliders to the launch area. I launched last following Larry and Rob. Davis was not flying.

    We entered a thermal crossing over highway 33 at the west end of the field. Just as I pushed out to climb up level behind April on the 914 my release disengaged prematurely at 430'. My first thought was to pull a 180 and set up for landing, but there was sufficient altitude to attempt to work the lift and drift back downwind over the field. Better to land after the thermal drifts through anyway.

    Down to 260' over the field I saw April land and taxi back to the clubhouse area and park the tug. I took that as a vote of confidence, but I was not at all optimistic. However, eventually I blundered into increasingly stronger lift that allowed me to climb out for a personal best low save. Thanks April.

    It wasn't a vote of confidence. No one thought that anyone could get up over the pond at that low an altitude but we admired the attempt.

    Setting out on course, hoping better late than never, the lift was nice and smooth topping out at 4000', but after the first few clouds I was getting low and with shade and no good clouds in reach on course I turned around to get back in the sun. After eventually getting some altitude and going back on course, ended up with the same challenge again. Another u turn back to sun but lower than ever I finally got a slow climb from the transformer station a few miles south of Quest and drifted way to the east in the process.

    That is when I decided to abandon the task and try to make it to the place that we rent to the south east instead. I encountered stronger sink than lift and low again I got a slow climb just when needed but I was fast approaching hwy 27. That is the eastern boundary of Orlando class B airspace so I made sure not to cross over and turned cross wind to my destination to the south. I bailed out of a potential climb as it drifted to 27 and with surprisingly little sink along the way made it to the baseball diamonds next to our resort with 1000' for an easy landing approach.

    Only 30 kilometers straight line but it was one of the most challenging and rewarding flights that I've had in a long time.

    The Orlando airspace starts at 6,000' MSL over highway 27 and goes up to 10,000'.

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  5. https://airtribune.com/2018-quest-air-cross-country/blog__day_6

    The task doesn't show up at the URL above.

    Brett at Airtribune writes:

    Google changed their API for accessing Google maps yesterday. It took Flymaster and Airtribune down (along with millions of other websites). Flymaster have resolved theirs, but we are waiting for some development time to fix Airtribune too. Really sorry about that. It is bad timing as we are still recovering from another code change that has killed our Leaderboard and we are unable to find the cause. Fingers crossed we can fix it soon.

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  6. Joerg Ewald <<joerg.ewald>> writes:

    We found a bug in the latest software version for the 6030 (V4.04b, the one you mentioned on the Oz Report a few days ago): In some cases, when upgrading from an older version, the display becomes illegible.

    The bug has been fixed, the update (V4.04d) has been sent to Steve and to Naviter. Until they manage to put it on their respective websites, maybe pilots should be aware of the following:

    There is no harm in trying V4.04b. If it works, everything is fine. If it doesn't, just go back to V3.38m, which can be downloaded from here: https://www.flytec.ch/en/support/download/firmware/flytec.html?file=tl_files/downloads/products/flytec-6030/firmware/F6030_V338m.exe

    Steve Kroop <<info>> writes:

    I will put V4.04d up at http://flytec.com

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  7. https://airtribune.com/news/event-registration-improvements

    We have been busy behind the scenes adding new features to Airtribune, and improving some old ones too. All the following is aimed at Event Organisers. Here is a summary to date:

    - We have added a facility to download an FSDB file directly from the Participants page. This will link straight in to Fscomp

    - We have also incorporated into that FSDB the serial numbers of all Flymaster Live Tracker sets you may be using, so that the file can be uploaded directly into the FlyMaster Livetracking website to create groups

    - Further, these groups on Flymaster will allow you to monitor for SOS messages and ReportBack (RetrieveRequests) from the pilots using the Xcguide on on Android

    - We have increased the number of status messages available to you when organising the event

    - In addition, we have customised the emails sent to pilots when a status message is created. Below is a summary

    - Team Pilot <new> - Intended for Sponsored events

    - Confirmed - Confirms the pilot is completely paid up and registered

    - Wildcard <new> - This is for a completely paid up pilot that got in through bribery

    - Waiting Payment - You have asked them to pay IMPORTANT: read below!

    - In Progress - They have informed you they have sent payment, but you haven't seen it yet

    - Qualified - They are on the waiting list for when a place is available

    - Verified <new> - You have checked their info, but are not offering them a place yet

    - Missing Requirements <new> - Something is wrong with their registration

    - Cancelled <new> - They have asked to be removed, but you want to keep their name displayed

    - Waiting List - They have just registered for the event and you have not yet looked at them

    Each of these new status messages will generate an email to the pilot. They are generic messages, EXCEPT for the message 'Waiting Payment'. This generates a much fuller email, copying the text from the admin area about how to pay. So test this message on yourself to make sure you understand it, and it makes sense.

    We have many more fixes and improvements coming this year. We will keep you informed as they happen!

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