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A near-daily, world wide hang gliding news ezine, with reports on competitions, pilot rankings, political issues, fly-ins, the latest technology, ultralight sailplanes, reader feedback and anything else from within the global HG community worthy of coverage.  29932 bytes.
  1. https://www.houstonpublicmedia.org/articles/shows/bauer-business-focus/2019/02/22/322817/houstons-only-hang-gliding-school-in-danger-of-shutting-down/

    Business was good, she said, until Hurricane Harvey struck the Texas Gulf Coast in August 2017.

    “It impacted our business in that people didn’t have the disposable income to come and do a recreational sport,” she said. “And when that stream dried up, our bills coming in didn’t dry up.”

    She relied on savings to get her business through the challenging time.

    But now that the business is barely back in the black, Mashy is having to deal with a new issue: Her partner will be leaving Cowboy Up in April, which is a big blow to the business.

    “This business counts on two of us, two pilots working in tandem to service one customer,” she said. “So when one pilot leaves it’s impossible for that business model to work anymore.”

    Finding a new partner is proving very difficult, because that person needs to have experience teaching hang gliding, be able to fly the plane and know how to work on the engine and equipment.

    “Looking for that person in my industry is extremely difficult and I want to find the right person,” Mashy said.

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  2. Bart Weghorst writes:

    Now that many hang gliding friends know that I am leaving Cowboy Up, I have to tell them what happened. I would like to explain here.

    The recent loss of three direct family members has turned my life upside down. It has set a chain of life changing events in motion. I feel the need to be closer to the rest of my family and loved ones, so I decided to move back to The Netherlands.

    This was not an easy decision. I see our school as a life work. Tiki and I went through an incredible journey together. We had a fantastic time and truly lived life to the fullest. If you like flying, hang gliding and life, I can recommend starting a flying school with your best friend. I don't mean to say that it was always great.

    Tiki mentioned only a few of the hardships in her GofundMe video. There were many more serious ones that could have brought our school down. We knew it wasn't easy to earn a living flying hang gliders. Hence the name Cowboy Up. But because of our will to succeed we eventually came out with a thriving school in South Texas. It has given me great joy for many years and I'm proud of what we achieved together. Hang Gliding and flying is my life and it is the same for Tiki. But now she's dealing with a business model that doesn't work anymore.

    She can't fly a tandem glider and tow it up at the same time. And towing solo gliders doesn't pay the bills. Our local pilots will have no place to go to and Hang Gliding in Texas will suffer. Maybe it will just end here. So I am glad that she turned to the hang gliding community for help. Asking for this and opening oneself up about problems is not an easy thing to do for Tiki. I am proud of her and of this community that has already donated very generously.

    As I write this, we are almost one third on the way to secure hang gliding here, with a really good shot at growing our sport like we used to. So I'm optimistic. Tiki can Cowboy Up with the best. Our community just needs a little help now. Please donate.

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  3. USHPA writes:

    Thank you for participating in the governance proposal vote. In total, 32% of members voted, and we appreciate your taking the time to share your opinion.

    The final vote was FOR the proposal at 1623 votes (58%) in favor to 1176 votes (42%) against. Detailed results on the membership vote from the independent election service are available here: https://secure.electionbuddy.com/results/3LFCK2C75ZGT

    We received two requests for paper ballots, but none were returned before the close of the election. Since there are no paper ballots to tabulate, these are the final results. We will provide a regional breakdown once certified by the election service provider.

    While change can be difficult, we're confident in our members' decision that a smaller governing body will be more efficient and effective, better represent all of our members, and have a greater ability to try new initiatives to grow our sports and support all of our instructors, chapters, and pilots.

    Because the membership voted to pass the proposal, USHPA's board size will be reduced at the end of the Spring board meeting in 2 weeks. This process will follow the transitional board plan laid out in USHPA's Bylaws as accepted by the membership vote. The existing officers will carry forward to the new board. Board members interested in remaining on the board will be nominated (or self-nominated), then voted on by the rest of the board. The diversity algorithm will then be applied to determine the result of this vote in order to ensure that all regions, wing types, genders, and ages possible are represented on the transitional board. Please note that all Regional Directors from regions that did not approve the bylaw amendment (i.e., voted against the proposal) will remain on the transitional board for the duration of their elected terms, with the result that the transitional board may be larger than 10 members. Since they will be carry over directors, they will not be eligible for the election taking place at the Spring meeting. In Fall 2019, an election will be held to begin replacing the transitional board to proceed to the new governance process.

    We would like to thank James Bradley and the rest of the volunteers who identified an issue they wanted to change, then spent countless hours writing, revising, discussing, and promoting the proposal. USHPA relies on dedicated volunteers for much of the work that we do, and we sincerely appreciate their efforts to further the organization.

    We know that this was a much-debated issue. If you are dissatisfied with the result of the vote, or with other areas within USHPA--volunteer! The governance proposal is a perfect example that volunteers can, and do, have a huge impact on our organization and our sport. We're always open to working with members to improve the organization for everyone. If you're interested in collaborating with us, please let us know through email or by filling out our volunteer form. You're also welcome to attend our Spring board meeting in Golden, CO in 2 weeks and to give us feedback there.

    Thank you again to everyone who worked on the proposal, gave feedback, and participated in the vote. We're looking forward to continuing to improve our organization and to better serving our flying community.

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  4. I've read a number of postings on this issue. There apparently is a three month ban on paragliding due to airspace violations near Bogota. Roldanillo appears to still be open due to the action of local officials. There is apparently a meeting on Friday to get the whole Cauca valley reopened.

    Write me if you know more or if what I have written is incorrect. Wouldn't want to spread any "fake news."

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  5. FAI - Record officer <<record>> writes:

    Sub-class : O-3 / Paragliders
    Type of record : Gain of height
    Course/location : Aconcagua (Argentina)
    Performance : 5 700 m
    Pilot : Antoine Girard (France)
    Aircraft : LM6 / Ozone
    Date : February 15th, 2019
    Current record : 4 526 m (06.01.1993 - Robbie Whittall)

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  6. Hooking into your hang glider is one of the single most critical actions of a flight. We all have our routines for ensuring that we’re connected to the glider before launching, but they’re not 100% foolproof (though if you’ve figured out something that is, tell us!). USHPA has created “Hook In” stickers that pilots can put on their base tube as an extra reminder. We’re sending one to each hang glider pilot in the March/April issue of USHPA Pilot, so keep an eye out for it! Stickers are also available for purchase through the USHPA Store.

    Here at Wilotree Park (a non-USHPA insured site) it would be very difficult to launch unhooked if you are launching from a cart, which is the case for 99.999% of the launches here.

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  7. Elena at CIVL <<elenfilon>> writes:

    We have just released FS 2018 R1.5, with the following edits.

    · Consider tracklog up until last track point recorded *before* the deadline or stop time

    · Fix bug where "jump the gun" was not applied in some cases.

    · Add PWC2017 formula (as used in the Paragliding World Cup in 2018)

    · Update GpsDump to version 5.26

    Download at: http://fs.fai.org/trac/wiki/FS2018R1.5

    Thanks to Joerg Ewald (Vollirium) for support.

    Link to news:


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  8. Jeff Chipman writes:

    California Sylmar Pilots (Phill Bloom and Jeff Chipman) are in need of a couple of roommates for the house that we rented for the 2nd week of the 2019 Nationals in Florida. The house is 5 miles from Wilotree , even closer as the crow flies but there are no roads directly there so you have to go around a little.

    Here's the link to our rental and a link to the location. Wilotree is basically on the west side of Olsen Lake.

    The current cost breakdown is 1820 / 4 = $455 per person for the week we're there. When you look at us staying there 8 days (April 20 - April 28th) that breaks it down to $56.87 / day. Not too shabby for not sleeping on the ground. We had a fellow pilot back out because of health reasons, so we'd like at least one, but preferably two more pilots. First come first serve. I'll be arriving in Florida at 7am'ish on Saturday morning. Our gliders are on a truck coming from California.

    We'll be renting a car but it's an economy so not a lot of extra room for transporting other folks.

    We also have a need for a driver for this California crew or room for up to 3 pilots on your vehicle.

    3.6 miles via Red Wing Road.

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