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A near-daily, world wide hang gliding news ezine, with reports on competitions, pilot rankings, political issues, fly-ins, the latest technology, ultralight sailplanes, reader feedback and anything else from within the global HG community worthy of coverage.  16535 bytes.
  1. https://youtu.be/XJ_aH9M0XVU

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  2. FAI Records <<record>> sends:

    Sub-class : O-1 / HG with a rigid primary structure / controlled by weight shift
    Type of record : Straight distance to a declared goal
    Course/location : Dalby - Charleville, Queensland (Australia)
    Performance : 500.00 km (311 miles)
    Pilot : Scott Barrett (Australia)
    Aircraft : C 4 13 / Airborne
    Date : 08.12.2018
    Current record : 343,3 km (28.11.2018 - Adam Stevens, Australia)

    Sub-class : O-1 / HG with a rigid primary structure / controlled by weight shift
    Type of record : Straight distance
    Course/location : Dalby - Charleville, Queensland (Australia)
    Performance : 507.00 km (315 miles)
    Pilot : Scott Barrett (Australia)
    Aircraft : C 4 13 / Airborne
    Date : 08.12.2018
    Current record : no record set yet

    The claimed distances look pretty approximate which is okay in the required preliminary report to CIVL. A detailed record submission to CIVL should follow.

    The current record is not held by Adam Stevens, which is just a record claim, not the current record (which has actually not been set).


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  3. Sander van Schaik <<sander>> writes:

    Next year, the Dutch Open will be held at Kandel in Germany June 16th-22nd The location is in the Black forest. Registration information will be published soon, maximum of 50 competitors. This location is chosen based on the great experience during the German Open this year. Good atmosphere, good cross country area with mountains and flatlands, a lot of big landing fields, good road up to the mountain, restaurant on the mountain, good food in the villages in the valley and  official landing field with facilities.

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  4. http://questairhanggliding.com/


    There is no need to be patient. There is not yet a new name for the aerotowing business at Wilotree Park, the site of the former Quest Air Soaring Center, but the aerotowing business continues while the owners of the flight park come up with a new name for that business separate from the landownership.

    Russell and Lori Brown are no longer running their aerotow business, but their legacy of a great aerotow flight park lives on. The new landowners ( Eric Williams. David Lopez, and Alex Trochez) are making massive improvements to the flight park (we really really appreciate the new deep well with its superb water). Everyone other than the Browns are here and working hard with lots of help.

    Rob Clarkson is down from Calgary and rewiring and re plumbing the place. Jeremie and Allyson have moved here. Belinda and I are here getting ready for the competition season. April is back from movie work, dog training. Bobby Bailey and Connie are here. Bobby just rebuilt his Dragonfly. Mitch's new Dragonfly is here and Mitch himself is here. Ed Pittman showed up. Don Spratt is here. Tony Mercado is here. Jim Prahl is here. Eric Williams is here, seemingly full time, as he digs up and moves trees into new locations. Spinner is here. And that's not all.


    Photos soon.

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  5. Early on in our discussions with Stephane Malbos, the CIVL President, the desire on the part of the FAI not to have conflicting international hang gliding competitions take place after July 2020 was an issue. The CIVL Bureau went ahead anyway and approved the 1st FAI Pan-American Hang Gliding Championships for August 2020.  Now the calendar is clear and there is no conflict, except, no doubt, for the European Hang Gliding Championships in 2022.

    There has never been a "real" hang gliding or paragliding presence at the World Air Games, mostly because the venues are not conductive to actual competitions. By "real" we mean a cross country competition. The proposed site in Turkey for the hang gliding competition was apparently pretty sketchy and was going to be reviewed by CIVL Bureau members (as I recall, Jamie Shelden and Mitch Shipley). Also the idea of holding a Women's Worlds there as a part of the WAG was discouraged given the attitude of Turkish males towards women.


    The FAI and the Turkish Aeronautical Association (THK) have announced that the FAI World Air Games in Turkey have been moved from 2020 to September 2022.

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