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OZ Report

The Oz Report Is...
A near-daily, world wide hang gliding news ezine, with reports on competitions, pilot rankings, political issues, fly-ins, the latest technology, ultralight sailplanes, reader feedback and anything else from within the global HG community worthy of coverage.  14250 bytes.
  1. Mark Vanderwerf writes:

    Road to Penon launch closed. Local strong arm political play on the 1st day of the Monarch comp.

    I assume that some one wants more money.

    http://monarcaopen.com/ - No news on their web site.

    Later Mark writes:

    In the end the road was opened and today was a mellow enough day they were able to run a task. Often by the time they are launching launch is blown out for paragliders. I don't have all the details but it was basically that the town where launch is wanted some of the pie. The money coming in from the 150 plus pilots in town. I'll get some more detailed information later, but for now looks like the road should be open the rest of the week.

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  2. Phil de Joux <<philderbeast>> writes:

    Flare-timing, the GAP scoring project, is a suite of command line apps. In the past month I've started to show some of the inputs, workings and result in a web app. I had intended to do something like this eventually if it could give pilots some visualization of how a task was scored. In the meantime I found that it was easier for me to check the results seeing them presented on a web page than picking through text files, line by line. That is good for the fine detailed checking but I needed at this stage to see the obvious errors.

    Today I've deployed a new version, the 7th so far, and it is hosted at https://flaretiming.com. There are release notes:


    One of the big items for this release was sorting out how to parse the various ABS, DNF and DF pilots from the *.fsdb file. I have written up notes on this:


    Each competition is getting its own sub domain and is hosted as a static website. I develop this locally as a dynamic website and switch to picking up the data from relative *.json files at deployment.

    Another thing I've added with the latest release is a **Geo** tab. Have a look task 4 for the following comp, the longest ever task set:


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  3. http://ozreport.com/Ourcompetitions.php

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  4. Gregg Ludwig, FAA Pilot Examiner, <<gregg.ludwig.cfi>> writes:

    I am please to report that Joel Froehlich earned his CFI-SP-Airplane certificate with an excellent check ride here at Wilowtree Park. Joel has become a master at the controls of a Dragonfly and is well versed with the flight training requirements. Congratulations Joel.

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  5. We have thirty three Sport Class entrants from seven countries. We have eighty eight open class 1 pilots from twenty countries. Eighteen pilots from Brazil. Twelve from Canada. Six from the UK. Five from Mexico. Five from Italy. 123 pilots so far have registered.


    We also have 74 already registered for week 2 of the 2019 Quest Air Nationals.


    If we have more entrants than we can handle we will choose pilots based on the date that they have sent in all their waivers (correctly filled out including their medical info form) and paid their entry fee (i.e. they are confirmed).

    See details here: http://ozreport.com/2019QuestAirpay1.php

    and here: http://ozreport.com/2019QuestAirpay2.php

    Refunds are available before April 1st and likely there after.

    While we think that we will be able to get everyone accommodated who wants a spot, you might want to get confirmed just to be sure that there is a spot for you. We are not going to raise our limit above 120.

    We are currently rounding up resources (tugs and pilots) to make sure that we have one tug for every ten pilots.

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